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  • 7am is too early for me, or even not my time zone.."
    I can understand, sounds early, but give a try, and notice how you wiil feel after. Anyway, last replay will be available on website. Enjoy!
  • You know, I have my kids, pets, partners around.."
    Yess, me too! Even my son, sometimes coming into class or cat.. Invite them for the practice or just use headphones , like me often 😎
  • Oh, I need to open my yoga mat and put special outfit.."
    Progress, not perfection, practice Kundalini Yoga where ever you can ( carpet, blanket, on chair, or on the floor) and even you can wear jean or classical pants. I do casual Fridays and practicing in jean.
  • I don't speak well English/French..
    In my classes I'm doing my best to serve you in two languages, in English and in French, always showing exersises and mantras for chanting. Kundalini Yoga speaks in language of your heart.
  • I have a question..
    Sure! contact me directly I would love to hear from you
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